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Don’t forget about the Games Makers

The Unsung Hero’s of London 2012

Firstly, let’s all take a minute to say Thank You to all the awesome volunteer ‘Games Makers’ who are giving up their time this summer to ensure that the London 2012 Olympic Games run smoothly!

The Games Makers are giving up their time for free to support London 2012 and will be the face of the Olympics to the many thousands of visitors who will descend on the capital.

Games Makers are travelling from across the UK to volunteer and usually at their own expense. With property prices rocketing for London 2012, it can be difficult for Games makers to find somewhere comfortable and affordable to stay.

Gary’s Story

Homestayfriend came across Gary’s story on Twitter. He, like many other Games Makers, lives outside London. He wants the opportunity to take part in this once in a lifetime event so has volunteered his time. Gary launched a video appeal on Twitter for help in funding his accommodation costs for London 2012. We, at Homestayfriend HQ loved Gary’s initiative and immediately felt compelled to help. We’ve offered Gary 3 free nights with one of our homestay hosts. At least that will go a little way to helping him with the costs!

Here’s the link to Gary’s fundraising video:

If you’re a Games Maker and would like help or advice in locating affordable accommodation for London 2012 send us an email: infoathomestayfrienddotcom  (infoathomestayfrienddotcom)   and we’d be happy to help.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t forget about the Games Makers

  1. I have just revied my games maker offer and I’m be working at Canary Wharf. I am very new to London and would like some help with living accommodation. The only thing I’ve found so far in my price range is camping but with a dodgy back it may be too much. Any suggestion would be welcome

    • we’d be happy to help- send us an email with your shift details to infoathomestayfrienddotcom thanks!

  2. I will be travelling from Belfast to London, volunteering at Barracks Artillery for the Olympics and the Aquatic Centre for the Paralympics. Ive been having a lot of bother finding affordable accomodation in London and was hoping you could help?

    • Sure we’d be happy to offer you some help. Send us an email: infoathomestayfrienddotcom

  3. Dear Sir/Madam, we are 2 Italian volunteers for London Games – husband and wife – and looking for a cheap solution from 10th July-12Aug. Could you suggest a solution of accomodation? Thank you very much. Best regards.

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